Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nepali Boy-King?

Over the months that have passed since the April Uprising in Nepal in 2006, we have from time to time heard of the concept og both the King and the Crown Prince abdicating in favor of Prince Hridayendra.

Now according to the Sunday Times:

A senior Nepalese politician with close links to the royal family said he favoured the coronation of a boy-king. “What Nepal needs now is a harmless monarchy,” he said.
Harmless to whom? To power-hungry politicians?

Guess who is the cry baby? Well, it's not His Royal Highness Prince Hridayendra. The cry babies are the politicians who want all the power for themselves, without anyone checking them. Are we supposed to be surprised?

It's convenient isn't it? Having a boy-king whom politicians can raise in the spirit of the new order?

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