Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quote of the Month

Writes “Mencius Moldbug” over at his verbose weblog Unqualified Reservations:

What is England's problem? What is the West's problem? In my jaundiced, reactionary mind, the entire problem can be summed up in two words - chronic kinglessness. The old machine is missing a part. In fact, it's a testament to the machine's quality that it functioned so long, and so well, without that part.

February Selection

A few reflection over at The American Conservative: recently reran an article by Dr. David Gordon on the lack of arguments for democracy. Apparently, we don't need to parody the democratists. They manage almost perfectly themselves. This really is a candidate for “you cannot make this up” file.

The Mad Monarchist gives his thoughts on monarchy and “Tories.” Same blogger also pulls out a quote from Count Joseph de Maistre:
Man is insatiable for power, he is infantile in his desires and, always discontented with what he has, loves only what he had not. People complain of the despotism of princes; they ought to complain of the despotism of man.
Also a quote from Alexander Hamilton:
If government is in the hands of the few, they will tyrannize the many; if in the hands of the many, they will tyrannize over the few. It ought to be in the hands of both, and be separated…they will need a mutual check. This check is a monarch.
The Mad Monarchist also reflects on the downfall of the Kingdom of Madagascar, which happened 116 years ago today. Royal World marks a Prussian tricentennial and a Russian quadricentennial.

Over at The Spectator, writer John Gray says (H/T: Foseti):
The idea that humans are by nature free is one of the most harmful fictions that’s ever been promoted anywhere.
Finally, Ad Orientem has some humor.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Money Rolls Out...

Peter Schiff gives some prospects on retirement:

And on the U.S. Treasury Secretary nominee:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few on the Great War for Democracy

Paul E. Gottfried: War and DemocracyOver at Alternative Right, Brett Stevens reviews Prof. Paul Gottfried's War and Democracy. So does John Derbyshire over at Taki's Magazine.

Over at, Joel Poindexter laments the apparent upcoming celebration of the centenary of the start of same war.

Over at The American Conservative, Adam Hochschild reflects on that same very deadly conflict (H/T: The Pittsford Perennialist, see also by same blogger).

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

Today marks the 76th birthday of His Majesty King Harald V of Norway.

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

The Mad Monarchist has quoted His Majesty King Harald V from 2005:
We have been given an assignment as a monarchy, and we do as well as we can…We try to be as little populistic as possible. We don’t do anything on the spur of the moment to win an opinion poll, or short-term popularity.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Poincaré Inauguration

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse: Raymond PoincaréA century ago today, Raymond Poincaré became the man they call President of what they call the French Third Republic.

He was to be one of the leaders on the allied side in what became the “war to make the world safe for democracy.”

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quote of the Month (January)

Writes Mr. Charles A. Coulombe over at Taki's Magazine:

They will remind their countrymen that it was France’s monarchy and Church that created her, and that there is another path than that which the nation’s current oligarchy has led her down. If the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Louises led personal lives worthy of Messrs. Hollande and Mitterand, they never dreamed of altering marriage itself, let alone confiscating 75% of the income of any of their subjects, rich or poor.

January Musings and More

Alternative Right reviews the year of 2012.

Also at Alternative Right, Mark Hackard has reflected on Dostoevsky and modern conservatism – touching on a certain inaugural speech.

Over at The American Conservative, Patrick J. Buchanan further reflects on the inaugural speech.

Over at his weblog Royal World, Theodore Harvey gives his take on conservatism.

Royal World also comments on the Dutch upcoming abdication – and once again. The Mad Monarchist also has some comments.

Royal World also weighs in on the news of German heirs, which Radical Royalist also has, and has some thoughts on the German Empire.

Further, Royal World has some words for the anniversary of the Hawai'ian overthrow.

The Mad Monarchist remembers Charles I, rants against equality, and counters some republican arguments.

Norwegian royal historian Trond Norén Isaksen marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of King Carl Johan.

Over at his very own Taki's Magazine, Taki Theodoracopulos compares Europe of old and now – with special emphasis on Russia, Greece, and the EU.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Your Serene Highness!

Best wishes to Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein, on his 68th birthday!

Hans-Adam II, Fürst von und zu Liechtenstein

Monday, February 11, 2013

Onion on the Candidates for Inauguration

The Onion gives you the two major Presidential candidates back in November:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Icon at 139

Lt. Col. Edward Lisle Strutt CBE DSOA year short of seven score years ago today, the icon of this weblog was born.

Lt.-Col. Strutt was the British officer who was sent on a mission under the personal initiative of His Britannic Majesty George V to command the protection of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial-Royal Family in its internal exile. The Lt.-Col. scared almost the living daylights out of Dr. Karl Renner, Chancellor of the “Republic of Austria,” so the Imperial-Royal Family could leave without any abdication.

Lt.-Col. Strutt became Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire shortly after this mission.

Please feel free to browse posts on the icon.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Money and 2013

Hans-Hermann Hoppe tells us how one should approach Keynesianism on steroids:

Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, and others discuss the economy in 2013:

Daniel Hannan debates at Oxford Union:

Jon Stewart gives his take as well:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Messy Labeling

Blimey Cow and Messy Mondays give us a perspective on labeling and thinking outside the box: