Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quote of the Month

Wrote Mr. Gary North:

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to save money like a maniac because the government has stolen 30% to 40% of everything you have made, it takes away a lot of the enthusiasm for celebrating the Declaration of Independence. When Jefferson wrote that document, the British were extracting approximately 1% of national income from the American colonies. For the southern colonies, it may have been 2.5%. If we could somehow get back to the tyranny of Great Britain in 1776, I would be willing to celebrate the Fourth of July with greater enthusiasm. But that would take a revolution.

July – Month of Distress

The French RevolutionJuly is a month of much unfortunate history.

July is the month of the American Declaration of Independence, although arguably in itself not anti-monarchical, it eventually departed the rebelling colonies from the monarchical order, gave popular government, which eventually ended up in today's mess.

July is the month of the start of the French Revolution.

July is the month of the Yekaterinburg tragedy.

July is the month of the July Crisis of 1914 and the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war, starting a war that was to escalate within 8 days to a world war that was to last 4 years and 3 months, cost millions of lives, change the world as it was known, and leave the soul of our civilization deeply wounded.

American Monarchist has had a post on Indian royalty and one on ambitions and politicians – to mention a couple.

On Bastille Day there was a post on The Count's Blog on fairy tales, real life, monarchy, and republics.

This July has been said:

Laurence Vance:

And regarding George III and George Bush II, don't we owe an apology to the former?
Maria of Russia said:
[A] member of the Imperial Family following the republican ideas is the same as the Church professing atheism.
John Michael Greer wrote:
If we can regain a certain degree of mythic literacy, and apply it to the myths that shape our public life, we might even be able to stop thinking of modern industrial society as either the best or the worst of human cultures, and recognize it as the ramshackle product of a long process of evolution, containing much that is worth saving alongside much that belongs in history’s compost bin. We might also find ourselves realizing in time that catastrophe is no guarantee of Utopia, and a better society will emerge out of the wreckage of this one only if a very sizable number of us are willing to muster the courage, forbearance, and capacity for hard work needed to make that happen.

Poll Results: Non-British or Non-Monarchical Worse?

POTUSThe results for the poll, asking which [of the alternatives] was the worse, ending at midnight between June and July are as follows:

Total votes: 29.

  • The American colonies' parting with the monarchical order: 18 (62 %)
  • The American colonies' parting with the British Crown: 11 (37 %)
A new poll will be up shortly.

Napoleon and Hitler

NapoleonNapoleon did not stand back for Hitlerite methods, according to historical research. So the Daily Mail reports.

H/T: American Monarchist

Obama and the Masses

Berlin Victory ColumnThe expected 16 thsuccessor to the Persona Non Grata of this weblog has been on the grounds of the world that said Persona Non Grata effectively pushed into complete destruction, as mentioned previously here and elsewhere.

Søren Kern of the Brussels Journal has more. So does Gerard Baker of the Times.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn 99

Erik von Kuehnelt-LeddihnToday would have been the 99th birthday of Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

You might like to read Democracy's Road to Tyranny, LvMI blog posts concerning the great master, and material at

Please also feel free to visit Andrew Rogers' page on EvKL.

May this great Knight of Austria – arguably the last knight of the Habsburg Empire – continue to rest in peace.

Elsewhere (update): Lew Rockwell

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama Eligible POTUS?

The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hawai'iHe was born in the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ron Paul as Vice President?

The Honorable United States Representative Ronald Ernest PaulMike Shedlock suggests the Honorable Ronald Ernest Paul as Obama's Vice Presidential nominee.

H/T: Lew Rockwell

Pius X and the Great War

Pius XOn the occasion of the 94th anniversary of outbreak of war in Europe, an essay by Dr. Peter Chojnowski is brought to you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Princess Obama"

United States Senator Barack Hussein ObamaMs. Melanie Philips debunks the upcoming Orator-in-Chief.

H/T: Sunlit Uplands

Royal Prerogatives Bad?

Her Britannic MajestyAn Oxford Professor Iain McLean is “making a case” against the monarch's right to dismiss the Cabinet. So the Canberra Times and the Australian National University News report.

I dismiss his case in a post at The Monarchist.

Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia

Bad Ischl. July 28, 1914. Six years short of a century ago today. Emperor Franz Josef declares war on the Kingdom of Serbia.

The Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl
A grave error indeed!

Count von Berchtold was pushing for war. Sadly, to say the least, the Emperor complied.

Of course, the monarchs in charge in 1914 should have done more to prevent the War that ended Western Civilization.

It is interesting, however, that there were men who pushed for war and monarchs who did not stop them, and how the ‘logical’ consequence of this is that monarchs should not have power. That they did not meddle and let politicos go ahead with the war shows that they should not be allowed to meddle?

Elsewhere: Le Fleur de Lys too on the ultimatum 5 days earlier

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Conspiracy" in Nepal

The King of NepalThere are allegedly “conspiracies” going on to restore the monarchy in Nepal. So Telegraph Nepal reports.

King “Apprenticeship”

HRH Prince William of WalesHRH Prince William of Wales will undergo intensive, “secret” training for the highest office. So the News of the World reports.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monarchy Antiquated?

From time to time we hear that monarchy is antiquated.

We learn in school about the Roman Republic and Athenian Democracy.

We learn about these from the period called, yes, Antiquity.

Say again?

Friday, July 25, 2008

God Save the Tsar!

Coronation. Moscow. May 26, 1896.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bhutan Constitution

The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of BhutanThe Kingdom of Bhutan has adopted a new constitution. So Associated Press reports.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Romanov

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More on United Empire Loyalists

The Loyalist flagThe Welland Tribune reports on Saturday's ceremony in Port Colborne in Her Britannic Majesty's Province of Ontario.

CTV News reports on loyalist reenactment in Shelburne in Her Britannic Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia. Nova News Now has some photos. Rod Mackay has some posts.

Another reenactment took place in Her Britannic Majesty's Province of Ontario. So the St. Catharines Standard reports.

Also, there's this description of a visit to a Loyalist burial ground by the Bay of Quinte in Her Britannic Majesty's Province of Ontario.

And then, there's this decade old New York Times article on Fredericton.

Update: A commenter at The Monarchist tips about this and this page on the Loyalist Parkway.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Imperial Interview

The Grand Duchess Maria

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The "Myth" of Progress

John Michael Greer reflects on the myth of progress.

H/T: The Western Confucian

Imperial Exhibition

Nicholas II, Emperor of RussiaAn exhibition of Imperial Russia will run till September in Moscow. So the New York Times reports.

H/T: Royal World

The Light Ages

Over at Taki's Magazine, Dr. Thomas E. Woods, Jr. reflects on the decentralism of the Middle Ages.

H/T: The Western Confucian

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Decline – A Study

American Monarchist recommends A Study of Our Decline by Philip Atkinson.

United Empire Loyalists

The UELAC BadgeIn a ceremony today in Port Colborne in Her Britannic Majesty's Province of Ontario, Loyalists from the American War for Independence are honored. So the Welland Tribune reports.

Of other United Empire Loyalist news is:

More on Yekaterinburg

OTMAThere's more on Thursday's anniversary.

Andrew Cusack has a post. So does Gerald Warner.

No Republic! has a follow-up.

Grand Duchess Maria makes a statement.

The BBC reports of an 11 mile long procession.

Other reports can be found here, here, here, and here.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hope for the Himalayan Kingdom?

The Kingdom on the top of the worldKamal Thapa hopes to revive the Nepalese monarchy. So the Telegraph Nepal and report.

More on the French "Celebration"

Louis XVIOver at the Daily Telegraph, the great Tory Gerald Warner sets things straight.

H/T: Royal World

Oscar II

King Oscar II of Norway135 years ago today, Oscar II was crowned King of Norway.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remember Yekaterinburg!

July 17, 1918.

90 years ago today.

The Eastern Emperor and his family.

The Church on the Blood

At the hands of Yakov Yurovsky & accomplices.

Elsewhere (update): No Republic!, Gulfnews (H/T: Royal World)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vive le Roi!

Vive le Roi!Dr. J.P. Zmirak raises a toast to the men of the Vendée.

Bruce Lewis debunks the French Revolution.

Tea at Trianon has a post on Maria Antoinette and the Revolution.

Le Fleur de Lys too has a post here and here.

First two links via Royal World.

Louis XVI and Jefferson

Louis XVI; Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.The Monticello website gives us information on the regal portraits given to Thomas Jefferson.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Reading

Unqualified Reservations has some reading tips. They're from a few months ago, but they're still highly relevant.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Century of War

A Century of WarDavid Gordon reviews John V. Denson's A Century of War.

H/T: Tea at Trianon

Friday, July 11, 2008

Who Killed the Constitution?

Who Killed the ConstitutionDr. Thomas E. Woods introduces a new book he has co-authored.

He says of the Persona Non Grata of this weblog:

As Bill Kauffman puts it, Wilson makes George W. Bush look like a pro bono lawyer for the ACLU. In tandem with draconian penalties for the most harmless statements about the Great War, voluntary enforcement agencies with names like the Sedition Slammers, the Terrible Threateners, and the Boy Spies of America sprang up across the country. Eugene V. Debs made the best of his situation, collecting a million votes for president in the 1920 election while in prison for giving a speech. (A popular campaign button read, "For President: Convict No. 9653.") All three branches of government heartily approved.
Also, there is an unofficial site.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brave Surveying New World

The Senate of those United States has just passed a bill further authorizing surveillance:

Also, “security bracelets” are being considered (Washington Times via Lew Rockwell, LRC Blog).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Long to Reign

Her Britannic MajestyAd Trinitatem celebrates Her Britannic Majesty.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nepali Celebrate the King

The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Nepal500 people gathered outside the home of “Mr. Gyanendra” to celebrate his birthday. So the Straits Times reports.

H/T: American Monarchist

Lt.-Col. Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E., D.S.O. (1874-1948)

This blog post is a different version than the article run today at LRC. So is the one at The Monarchist. They are 3 different versions.

In memory of the protector of Blessed Charles of Austria-Hungary.

On this day 60 years ago, the icon of this weblog passed on from this world.

Lt.-Col. Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E., D.S.O.
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E, D.S.O served His Britannic Majesty George V in the Great War. He was born on February 8, 1874 as a grandson of the first Lord Belper.

Now, why would a pro Central Powers blog have a British officer as its icon? The main reason is that this blog, while indeed being pro Central Powers, preferring a Central Power victor over an Allied victory, is primarily pro old order – and against the new order. It is not primarily a blog against the English-speaking peoples or other peoples of the Allied Powers of the Great War – a war that never should have happened. So the icon of this blog is an old order partisan, who showed his partisanship through action, and who fought the war on the other side. Lt.-Col. Strutt becomes a symbol of reconciliation between peoples, whilst also being a symbol of support for the old order.

Lieutenant-Colonel Strutt was selected by a higher officer at the Allied military headquarters in Constantinople to serve as protector of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Family, a mission at the personal initiative of His Britannic Majesty George V. Hence, this blog’s icon is also a symbol of solidarity between monarchs and of personal regal powers, which, alas, had been greatly reduced at the time. However, they were apparently strong enough to create a mission on which the old order came out as victor, whereas the new order, represented by Austrian republican Chancellor Dr. Karl Renner, was completely humiliated.

Dr. Renner demanded an abdication, but Lt.-Col. Strutt was evidently perfectly capable of putting Dr. Renner in his place. With no backing from London whatsoever, Strutt threatened to reestablish the blockade.

This British officer served as a protector of what was arguably the foremost representative of the Old European Order, the Austro-Hungarian Imperial-Royal Family. This family’s protector could very well have been an officer who took care of the basic security of the family, but otherwise treated the family as the defeated and the Austrian republican government as one of the victors. Lt.-Col. Strutt did not. He treated the Habsburg family as one of his own, that is, a victor, whilst the republican government was treated as the defeated.

President Wilson had had his crusade against the old order. Lieutenant-Colonel Strutt might not have led a crusade against the new, but he certainly put the new order in its place. There is little doubt, if any, who Strutt preferred at the helm in Vienna. If he had had the power to, and no loyalty to His Britannic Majesty had stood in the way, he would likely have reinstated the Emperor.

Indeed, whereas the old order lost the war, the old order definitely won the Austrian departure.

We honor the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E., D.S.O. on this day.

References on Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Lisle Strutt, C.B.E, D.S.O can be found in:

  • Gordon Brook-Shepherd, The Last Habsburg (e.g., extensive quotes from the officer’s diary).
  • Gordon Brook-Shepherd, The Uncrowned Emperor: the Life and Times of Otto von Habsburg.
  • The London Gazette (e.g., appointment to Commander of the Military Division of the Order of the British Empire (May 30, 1919, supplement published June 3, issue 31377, p. 6983)).
  • Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 2003, p. 340 (under Belper).
  • Who Was Who (volume for 1941-1950), London.
  • Wikipedia.
More on the Royal Scots – the regiment in which our hero served – can be found here and here.

Elsewhere:, The Monarchist

Gyandendra 61

King Gyanendra of NepalHis Majesty King Gyanendra of Nepal is 61.

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Russian Future

The Imperial Coat of Arms of RussiaGrand Duchess Maria of Russia has hopes for a monarchical future. So the Christian Telegraph reports.

The Society of the Cincinnati

The Society of the CincinnatiThe Monarchist celebrates the Society of the Cincinnati.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Land of the Free?

The Grand Union FlagThe federal government of those United States is after Swiss bank accounts. So CNN reports.

I recall applying for an American visa a few years ago. I especially remember a question if I had renounced U.S. citizenship in order to escape taxes.

Land of the free? Or of the unfree?

Link via Bill Anderson, LRC Blog.


reasonable and prudentA national speed limit is being reconsidered in those United States. So CNN reports.

I have fond memories of visiting Montana Palm Weekend of 1997 from Calgary. It was indeed a pleasure to read the huge speed limit sign saying:

reasonable and prudent
Link via Lew Rockwell.

Writing to a King

The God that FailedDmitry Chernikov discusses Hoppean theory of monarchy and democracy.

The French and July 4

Tea at Trianon has two posts on the occasion of July 4 – here and here.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Quote of the Month (June)

Writes Dr. Thomas Fleming:

Is there a single Leftist in America – or for that matter a single conservative politician or employed journalist – who is willing to say: We should have left well enough alone? Whatever curse British rule inflicted on Africa, the lot of post-colonial Africans seems infinitely worse.

Science, Sensation, and Democracy

Writes “Deogolwulf” at his weblog The Joy of Curmudgeonry:

Now that science has become an industry largely dependent on the supply of public money, as regulated by governments largely dependent on public demands, it is not unlikely that, given no ethos of resistance to extraneous demands, the information that this industry supplies in return for its money will be to some extent determined by those demands, and, as anyone with an ounce of discernment who has read any newspaper recently can testify, the public demands sensation — which is a demand for the significance of the information that is put before it, understandable as significant at the lowest level.

The West Lost the World

Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”Leon Hadar and William S. Lind review Patrick J. Buchanan's book Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World.

Christianity and the History of Freedom

Over at the Acton Institute, Dr. Kevin E. Schmiesing reflects on the Christianity and the history of liberty.

H/T: The Western Confucian

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Marriage Institution

Over at Taki's Magazine, Justin Raimondo opposes gay “marriage.”

Feminism and Children

Over at Taki's Magazine, Richard Spencer mocks the claim that feminism can save Europe.

Abortionist Honored

Member of the Order of CanadaAn abortionist has been invested as Member of the Order of Canada. So CBC News reports.

Link via The Monarchist.

Gettysburg Failure

The Seal of the Confederate States of AmericaSeven score and five years ago today (here and here), the Confederacy failed miserably in the war that created the behemoth that was to run around the world making it safe for democracy.