Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quote of the Month

Writes Gerald Warner at the Scotsman:

There is much more than the economy ailing in France. It is not a society at ease with itself. The cult of the fonctionnaire and the dead hand of the state is the poisoned legacy of 1789. A true national, cultural and spiritual renewal, in the challenging era of the 21st century, cannot be supplied by Nicolas Sarkozy. It was an unusually insightful American commentator, William S Lind, who recently prescribed the remedy: "A few of us, Americans and Frenchmen, know the new politics France needs is really an old, old politics. Its faith is in Christ the King, not cultural Marxism. Its banner is golden lilies on Bourbon white, not the hideous tricolor of revolution."

Positive Parliamentarism Rejected

The Storting, the Parliament of the Kingdom of Norway, today – with a 56 to 87 (26 absentees) sufficient minority vote – rejected a motion to amend the Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway to introduce positive parliamentarism, i.e., investiture of the Cabinet by Parliament.

Had the motion passed, His Majesty's role – formally – when it comes to appointing the Cabinet would have been reduced to executing the will of Parliament.

Please feel free to see this forum thread on the matter (in Norwegian).

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Andrew Jackson Duel

Ten score and one years ago today, Andrew Jackson, who later became the first wholly popularly elected President of those United States, albeit indirectly, and whom Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn gave a large share of the blame for bringing democracy to America, walked victoriously out of a duel.

One could wonder what would have happened had that duel gone differently. To what extent was Jackson merely a symptom? The same question can be asked of Wilson, 80-90 years later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Constitutional Monarchy

It is often stated that in a constitutional monarchy, the monarch does not – or cannot – interfere in politics.

Whereas one cannot deny that such a monarchy may qualify as such, that is not a necessary feature thereof.

Her Britannic Majesty Concerned

Her Britannic Majesty has been "deeply concerned" by many of Mr. Anthony Blair's policies. So the Sunday Telegraph reports.

See also comments at The Monarchist.


Democracy – modern democracy in particular – is a Weapon of Mass Delusion.

Wilson's Conscription

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the conscription proclamation of the Persona Non Grata of this blog.

Suits well for a man who – at odd times – is quoted for saying that liberty does not come from government?

Suits well for a man whose legacy is American soldiers being sent all over the world for other people's freedom?

Suits well for a man whose legacy is pervasive government?

Long live conscription to make the world safe for totalitarian democracy!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

St. Petersburg Anniversary

Fifteen score and four years ago, Peter the Great founded St. Petersburg.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Western Lack of Understanding of Monarchy

In general, Westerners don't understand the role of King Bhumibol. So the Bangkok Post reports.

Could this be due to Wilsonian indoctrination?

Republicanism Will Not Work for Nepal

Republicanism is not a viable alternative for Nepal. So writes Sanjay Upadhya.

Old Order Demise

Five score and eleven years ago, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Nicholas II was crowned in Moscow.

And four score and thirteen years ago, Gavrilo Princip left Belgrade for Sarajevo.

Friday, May 25, 2007

English Restoration

On this day, seventeen score and seven years ago, Charles II landed at Dover.

And eleven score years ago, the Constitutional Convention convened at Philadelphia.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Habsburg Interview

HIRH the Archduke Otto and yours truly

My interview with His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Dr. Otto von Habsburg runs today at

A longer version (PDF, 12 pages, 228 kB) runs at, where also a very short description (in Norwegian) is available.

The Archduke is arguably the foremost living representative of the Old European Order.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

William Lind and the French Republic

The Monarchist today poignantly reminds us of the folly of the French Revolution.

Gerald Warner's complete Scotsman article of May 13 can be found here.

William S. Lind's most excellent, brilliant, and magnificent comment of November 9, 2005 can be found here.

Ibsen Passing 101

On this 101st anniversary of the passing of Dr. Henrik Johan Ibsen, remember that the majority is never in the right.

Cusack for Paul

Fellow monarchist Andrew Cusack supports Ron Paul's candidacy for the GOP nomination for the Presidency of those United States.

Bhutan Being Dragged to Democracy

Bhutanese skepticism towards democracy continues. So Voice of America reports.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Prince Wilhelm-Karl Obituary

The Times summarizes the life of Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Russian Summer Ball 2007

The details of the London Russian Summer Ball for 2007 have been released. It's the 12th annual ball in the series. It will take place on Saturday July 7th.

Probably, I will not be going. I did go to the 10th – in 2005. Perhaps the most enjoyable feature was that the Imperial Russian Anthem was sung with His Excellency the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom present.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Puritans or Habsburgs

Prof. Dr. Paul Gottfried presents a sympathetic view of the Habsburg Empire.

No Curtsy or Bow?

Paul Jacob recently wrote a piece on monarchy, The Queen of England Makes Me Sick.

Paul Jacob claims Americans curtsy or bow to no one – or at least need to to no one. That was not my impression after having seen a couple of Broadway performances about two years ago. In fact, Broadway actresses seem to curtsy much more the Norwegian actresses.

Paul Jacob claims Americans need to curtsy or bow to no one. Yet Americans have the biggest government in the world, a tax level considerably higher than the level at the time of classical monarchs, which so many Americans so proudly talk of their having freed the world from, and books upon books of regulations every year.

Paul Jacob claims one does not have to curtsy or bow to anyone. As Goethe told us:

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Envoy with Dubious Loyalties?

Her Britannic Majesty's envoy to the Royal Norwegian Court, His Excellency Ambassador David Powell, gave a tour of the British ambassadorial residence yesterday.

The walls in the dining room had several portraits of kings and queens, including the reigning Queen. His Excellency told a story of his having tried to have them replaced with something more "modern."

His Excellency's attempt failed because the office responsible for the art decorations said no. At least someone is showing loyalty.

To whom has His Excellency David Powell sworn his allegiance?

Big Climate Engineer

Yesterday evening I was at an event at the British Embassy in Oslo. The topic of the lecture was the "UK's contribution in the international effort to define and control Climate changes."

Modernity will not leave us alone.

If you thought government is at least omnipotent enough now, think again.

If you thought we had learnt something about government control with the collapse of the Soviet Union, think again.

If you thought government would lean less on you in times coming up, think again.

We have Big Father, the Provider State, or the "Welfare State," Big Mother, the Nanny State, and Big Brother, the Surveillance and Database State.

You might think Big Sister is next, but what really is next is Big Climate Engineer.

Heaven help us!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Virginian Royal Visit

Her Britannic Majesty will this week pay a visit to the Commonwealth of Virginia, also known as Old Dominion, as well as other parts of those United States in the vicinity thereof. The visit to those United States will extend into next week. Her Majesty will be welcomed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Please see, e.g., The Monarchist, Andrew Cusack, and Theodore Harvey's April and May news (here when May 2007 news have been archived) for more information.

God save and bless Her Britannic Majesty and the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Nepal Blog to Recommend

After having had a rough look, Nepali Netbook seems to be a reasonable weblog covering the tragic situation in the Kingdom of Nepal. Please do have a look. The blog is added to my blog roll.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dutch Historian Wants Further Emasculation

Dutch historian Lamber Giebels believes the constitutional role currently played by the Dutch monarch is at odds with the nature of a true parliamentary democracy. So Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports.

It certainly is at odds with Wilsonian democracy, and I would add that that's definitely not a bad thing. Perhaps the Dutch historian needs to be reminded that modern, absolute democracy did not emerge because it was some objectively better arrangement, but because revolutions, wars, and political battles were fought? And that the winners did not emerge as winners because they had the objective truth or good on their side?

It seems historian Lambert Giebels wants some sort of equivalent to the Swedish Torekov monarchy. It seems he wants to do away with the regal powers with the next change of throne. That's roughly what happened in Sweden as well.

Dr. Giebels really makes the statement of the day when he supposedly says:

With a ceremonial monarchy, there's also no further need for government ministers to be responsible for what the monarch says and does. It's then up to them [the royal family] to know what is and isn't acceptable.
Oh really?!? Now, historians are supposed to know a bit about history, aren't they? Especially about the history they're commenting on. That also goes for very recent history, right? The King of Sweden has no constitutional role except for ceremonial duties, the most important of which arguably are the duty to sign and receive letters of accreditation of envoys and duties in connection with the opening of the Riksdag.

In spite of all of this, there was an uproar about statements just over 3 years ago. Do we seriously believe that a purely ceremonial Dutch monarch can say anything without politicians running to the megaphones with their complaints?

Those who run around complaining about monarchy being undemocratic won't be satisfied until every single remaining dust particle of it has been wiped into museums.

It's peculiar how one can say that it's undemocratic. It's like the waving of a magic wand. No additional arguments are needed. All the wisdom of philosophers through centuries about the vices of democracy be damned.

Socialism Dead?

Socialism is dead, they tell us. Yet if you read the Communist Manifesto and compare it to the real world of today, it is frightening how much of it is implemented in the part of Europe that was never behind the Iron Curtain.

Socialism is dead, they tell us. Yet if you look at today’s Norway it is frightening how much of the “commanding heights” of the economy are owned by the government.

Socialism is dead, they tell us. Yet today – on this international day of socialism – flags are flying everywhere, including from government buildings, and in large parts of the Europe that never were behind the Iron Curtain, it is a public holiday.

In many countries that were behind the Iron Curtain it also remains a public holiday.

In Norway, Liberation Day – commemorating liberation on May 8, 1945 – is a public flag day, but not a public holiday. May 1 is both a public holiday and a public flag day. It is not an uncommon sight to see a flag pole with a flying flag on May 1, whilst the same flag pole is naked on May 8. That tells you something. Words are superfluous.

In Norway – as in the rest of ScandinaviaChristmas Eve is the main day when Christmas is celebrated. Christmas Eve is neither a public holiday nor a public flag day, but Christmas Day is. Boxing Day is a public holiday, but not a public flag day. May 1 has a higher status than Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. That tells you something about the actual, secular official religion of today. Words are superfluous.

In the years following liberation in 1945, the government was criticized for not respecting rights that were thought to have been regained on May 8, 1945. We celebrate “what socialism has done for us.” Being liberated from the atrocities of Nazi Germany will hardly be noticed in a week’s time. Wearing a t-shirt with Ernesto Guevara on it is OK. Wearing Hitler or Nazi clothing creates uproar. That tells you something. Words are superfluous.

If you need words, turn to the Black Book of Communism, which should suggest that half-staff with black band is in order.

Socialism is dead, they tell us. Baloney is not uncommon.