Friday, June 29, 2007

Blair Departed

The Palace of Westminster
The Rt. Hon. Anthony Blair, as announced well in advance and as reported extensively by media, resigned his position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom this week.

Tony Blair has done much through his tenure. Here we will give attention to his constitutional reforms. Mr. Blair's legacy in this respect is the ambition to create a "modern constitution," in particular the House of Lords Act 1999.

Just a few months ago, an intentional motion passed to reform tbe House of Lords further, moving for an elected second chamber.

The House of Lords needs reform. Its powers are too weak. It is too much of a partisan institution. However, through the tenure of Mr. Blair as Prime Minister, things have moved in the wrong direction.

Over at his blog Western Defence, Tristan Murphy even moves for abolishing the House of Commons and restoring the House of Lords.

In all the frustration etc. over the Blair era's affair with "modern constitutionalism" and the alleged progress it represents, let's not forget the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949.

Tony Blair has left the stage. The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown has stepped out of Blair's shadow. According to the Times, Mr. Brown will be giving Lords reform low prirority.

Are we seeing here merely a stay of execution?

There is an alternative. It involves repealing the House of Lords Act 1999, Parliament Act 1949, and Parliament Act 1911.

We should have seen enough now, of modern, unchecked, full-fledged democracy, to see that it is not the way of a sound future.

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