Monday, April 15, 2013

Some on Gay "Marriage"

Writes Daniel McCarthy over at The American Conservative (H/T: The Pittsford Perennialist, who also has moreand yet more):

Can it be any surprise, then, that a mass-democratic, individualistic, consumerist society in which men and women are interchangeable in all other public aspects finds them interchangeable in marriage as well?
[T]hey are trapped in the very modern democratic mindset that tells them politics is a realm of endless possibility, if only the right leaders are elected and everyone works hard enough at persuading his or her fellow citizens. This mentality can be found even among those right-wingers who declare themselves staunch traditionalists and hell-bent foes of democracy. For all their protestations, they exhibit a characteristically democratic and liberal belief in the malleability of political orders. Some facts of a political order are immutable as long as that order stands—and none falls easily.
Also at The American Conservative, writes Samuel Goldman:
[T]here’s little hope of convincing a majority of Americans to give up easy divorce and, above all, technologies of reproductive control. These practices, which were embraced by heterosexuals long before anyone had heard of Adam and Steve, are the real threats to “traditional marriage”.
Writes John Derbyshire over at (H/T: Foseti):
Legalization of homosexual marriage will be a victory for the Tolerance Fascists. They will know this, and be heartened to attempt further advances in other areas.
Writes Ilana Mercer over at
As the clamoring demos believe, they are every bit as smart as men like Benedict. The faithful, moreover, no longer see themselves as members of a community of believers, but as members of gay, lesbian, feminist, black, brown and plain angry clans. Unless the Church recognizes and recompenses their brand of identity politics – the masses will bring it down.
The Pittsford Perennialist also has some previous posts:Alternative Right's radio, Vanguard, recently had a session on gay “marriage” – also touching on other issues, such as the feminist fantasy of history.

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