Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quotes of March

Writes Mr. Travis LeBlanc:

People who say we need a revolution should try reading up a little more about past revolutions.
Writes Mr. Pax Dickinson:
Something is off about calling yourself conservative while you revere some guys who violently overthrew their legitimate government.
Also writes Mr. Pax Dickinson:
We instinctively know that the most popular song or product is always crap that appeals to morons. But in politics we junk that heuristic.
The Mad Monarchist runs a three-part series on the end of the Habsburg empire, and he concludes:
It is no exaggeration, it is a fact backed up by the evidence of history that the fall of the House of Hapsburg was a disaster, both for her member states and for people all around the world.

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