Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, RIP

Margaret Thatcher, Baroness of Kesteven, passed away this Monday, news of which is widespread. She was the last surviving British Prime Minister to have been born before Her Britannic Majesty as Princess Elizabeth.

Margaret Thatcher was together with Ronald Reagan the subject of much admiration on my part back in the days when they were in office, my political consciousness was forming, and they similarly were subject of attack from leftists. Yours truly has developed differences since (not to say that there were none at the time), on which elaboration may be made at a later time.

Your host blogger met Lady Thatcher shortly before the passing of Ronald Reagan, on which it was reported on two accounts – one in English and one in Norwegian (we may also get back to these accounts on a later occasion).

Last month I watched The Iron Lady with a friend over a weekend – as one of around a dozen movies. Easter Eve I watched The Audience, where a Thatcher character is one of several Prime Minister characters.

Condolences to the 2nd Baronet Thatcher and other family and friends.


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