Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote of the Month

Writes Mr. S.T. Martin over at his weblog St. Joan and St. Thérèse:

The cries go out in America to “bring the government back to The People.” This is precisely the problem, bringing the government back to The People. It is The (Same) People who are electing and then supporting the regimes that become dictatorial. This is the inherent contradiction in the “bottom-up” rule by The People. The People demand that they (and “they” first have to fight the most wretched political wars to decide which group’s views in the pluralistic cesspool will dominate) set the rules (established by the victor in the aforementioned pluralistic civil war). But the elected officials must then enforce the rules from above. This creates a never-ending series of flashpoints of mal-content with The People. The People are ever protesting and complaining that the rulers, in the way they enforce the “bottom up” rules from the top down, have “stolen” or otherwise mismanaged the Will of The People. So, The People elect new rulers and the cycle starts all over again. Not a single election goes by without The People saying that “it is time for change.” Recently, then candidate Obama even brought a certain politically macabre efficiency to the whole process by simply saying, “Change.” No need to explain. The People understood. And, with profound Aristotelian logical efficiency, The People got their democratically elected totalitarian.

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