Monday, April 30, 2012

Democracy and Anarcho-Monarchism

Over at the American Interest, Prof. Vladislav Inozemtsev recently reflected on democracy. He asks:

Was the rise of democracy the main driving force behind the development of contemporary liberal Western societies, or were long gestating developments in Western societies that fixed concepts of liberties and individual rights instead the drivers of democracy?
Further he states:
Rule of law preceded universal suffrage everywhere in the West. Democratic action both in Europe and America became more profound and consequential when large groups of people realized its utility for promoting their own interests. Only after what sociologists call “mass society” developed did the demand for democracy (reflected, among other things, in voting activity) expand dramatically.
Over at First Things, Mr. David B. Hart pondered the concept of anarcho-monarchism some time ago, saying:
I found myself reflecting on what a devil’s bargain electoral democracy is.

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