Friday, April 27, 2012

Napoleonic Theme Park

Napoleonic reenactmentA Napoleon theme park is being planned south of Paris. So BBC reports.

Construction is apparently to start in 2014. The chosen site is a bit over an hour's drive south from the center of Paris.

Napoloen? Yes, he founded a dynasty, and had it survived, it probably would have been better for France than the several republics.

However, he was a self-crowned usurper and warmonger, who dragged Europe into war. Much can be said, but his overthrow of the failed republic certainly was no genuine restoration.

That being said, this blogger welcomes the plans for the theme park. It should also be the first plan, sparking a lot of ideas.

There should also be a Bourbon monarchy theme park. In Austria, there could be a Habsburg theme park. With all the Habsburg nostalgia there, there absolutely should be a basis for such a theme park. Portugal – with its monarchist activism – could put up a Braganza theme park. Similarly, Brazil should have its empire theme park. Russia should have its Romanov theme park.

And what about a Chinese empire theme park put up in Hong Kong? Perhaps a monarchy theme park in the United Kingdom? What about combining it with a British Empire theme park? One part of it could present the royalist side of the English Civil War? Another part could present the losing side of the Glorious Revolution? Also, what about a United Empire Loyalist theme park in Canada? Where part of it would present loyalist perspectives on the conflict south of the border from which they fled – partly countering Americanist myth?

Maybe there even could be a Central Power perspective theme park on the Great War?

And last but not least, what about a non-emasculated monarchy theme park in Liechtenstein?

Perhaps a general monarchy theme park could combine all these ideas in one?

We could take it beyond monarchy as well. What about a theme park in the American South on what President Lincoln destroyed and how the rest of the world far more peacefully ended slavery?

Of course, theme parks are no replacement for restorations and retentions. Also, of course, a theme park partly celebrating the Stuarts is by no means a suggestion that the reigning house in the Commonwealth Realms be replaced.

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