Friday, September 18, 2009

Habsburg President?

HIRH the Archduke OttoMembers of the House of Habsburg are challenging the ban on their running for the presidential office of the “Republic of Austria.” So the Daily Telegraph reports.

Habsburg for President? I say Habsburg for Emperor!

H/T: Daniel McAdams of the LRC Blog


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, because as we all know, WWI was such a great success.

That "Old" European order wasn't so old. Screw Wilson, what of the Enlightenment? Austria should have been demolished by the Turks, German Unification should have never happened and Russia should have remained split up between several small kingdoms. You're simply supportive of some arbitrary order, and give it a preeminent place in history that it doesn't deserve.

I say go back further prior to the Reformation. That wackadoodle Luther should have been smothered in the crib.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

I keep forgetting how supportive I am of the Great War.

Thanks to the knowledgeable Mr. Anonymous for reminding me.

I am supportive of an arbitrary snapshot of history? That must indeed be what the blog intro says.

Thank you for enlightening me.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Spain, and I beg you pardon if you see such an importantnt error in this text.

I have recently visit Austria, and enlighted with que Habsburg's history. After that, I have decided that I want the Habsburgs for being emperors(Have I to say it like this?), and I sincererly wish they come back and rebel all their supporters(like me) and became in(on?) emperors.

It is true that the current monarchies stabilize the countries; however, a more-powerful monarchy further would stabilize a countrie. Example: England, Holland, Spain(...)...

Jorge d'Orléans