Thursday, December 31, 2015

Money at Year's End

Some view points at

  • Jim Rogers warns of the development ahead.
  • Doug Casey makes the case for gold, saying:
    Keep these things in mind, though, as you listen to the current blather from talking heads about where gold is going. Most of them are just journalists, reporters that are parroting what they heard someone else say. And the “someone else” is usually a political apologist who works for a government. Or a hack economist who works for a bank, the IMF, or a similar institution with an interest in the status quo of the last few generations. You should treat almost everything you hear about finance or economics in the popular media as no more than entertainment.
  • Claudio Grass gives an outlook for the year ahead, proclaiming:
    Looking to the future, it seems that the current situation will continue to get worse and that we are headed towards an Orwellian state, under which no one is entitled to his financial privacy anymore.
  • Mark Nestmann reports on bank secrecy and Switzerland.
The Daily Telegraph reports on an interesting upcoming Swiss referendum on banking (H/T: LRC).

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