Saturday, May 2, 2015

Randoms from April

Over at, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

Any American who thinks that he lives in a free country is delusional. He has no protection against roving gangs of goon thugs, and the state has license to steal his children. If America is a free country, I would hate to contemplate an unfree country.
Over at his weblog Royal World, pens Mr. Theodore Harvey:
The catastrophic destruction of cultural heritage in Nepal, along with the loss of human life, is horrible indeed, but I wish that more people could come to see the abolition of an ancient monarchy, as happened in Nepal seven years ago, as being just as tragic a cultural loss as this, though far more preventable.
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark celebrated her 75th last month. At a press event Her Majesty protested a reporter addressing her informally, discussed at the Royal Forums.

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