Friday, May 15, 2015

Austrian Independence Treaty of 1955

Karl Gruber: Austrian State Treaty, signatures of the five minsters and chancellor, exhibition 2005 at the Schallaburg60 years ago today, the Austrian Independence Treaty was signed. One of the provisions read:

Austria shall have a democratic government based on elections by secret ballot and shall guarantee to all citizens free, equal and universal suffrage as well as the right to be elected to public office without discrimination as to race, sex, language, religion or political opinion.
And yes, then there is this:
Austria further undertakes to maintain the law of 3rd April, 1919, concerning the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine.


Principe said...

When, in the 1950's, Dr Otto von Habsburg (as he chose to be known) signed the instrument renouncing any attempt to restore the monarchy in Austria so he could return to the land of his ancestors he signed it "Otto of Austria"! His mother, the Empress Zita was reportedly not amused at his pragmatism.

Anonymous said...

Just another self-contradiction of the legal fiction styling itself the Republic of Austria (as if Austria was ever a country and not a family named Hapsburg).