Monday, September 30, 2013

Quote of the Month

Writes Mr. Raheem Kassam over at The Libertarian Republic:

Societies need some structure, and yes, leaders need lots of limitations – this is what America’s founding fathers envisaged when they framed your republic, and it is what centuries of evolution within Britain’s system has achieved through the remit of the monarch, the executive, and two legislative houses. Consulting parliament for a ‘final’ approval, rather than simply as an overseeing body. I cannot stand for it, and I am afraid I still do believe in the Royal Prerogative.

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Fr. Theodore Phillips said...

The Monarch should have, at the very least, a temporary right to disapprove (veto) legislation, to say to the elected politicians, "slow down, chill out, think again." Just because people vote for something (or someone) does not make it either right or a good idea.