Monday, June 24, 2013

Monarchy of May

Royal World reports on the support for monarchy in Serbia. So does Radical Royalist.

Radical Royalist also reports on republicanism in the Commonwealth of Australia.

Tea at Trianon posts on the House of Liechtenstein.

Reporters Club Nepal reports on a Nepalese party's hope for revival. FreeNepal News Network does so too.

Johnson's Russia List reports on the support for monarchy in Russia. Yes, the numbers may seem low. However, they are apparently moving in the right direction, and we must remember how much anti-monarchist propaganda Russians have been subject to.

Royal Central reflects on the reign of Britannic monarch George V.

Stirring Trouble Internationally protests modernization of the monarchy.

Some republican has the screwed idea that there are no good monarchist arguments.

Writes Ms. Suzanne Lynch over at The Irish Times:

Despite mumblings of discontent, the position of royalty has never seemed so safe. At a time when public satisfaction with directly elected representatives is at a low, for advocates of democracy this is a cruel irony.
Economics Is For Donkeys ponders monarchy and meritocracy.

ThinkSpain reports on the Spanish King's worries.

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