Saturday, June 22, 2013

1983 UK Parliament Opening

30 years ago today, Her Britannic Majesty gave the speech from the throne, following Mrs. Thatcher landslide first reelection.

There are things to be commended from the Thatcher years, indeed, and it is always good to ponder how irritating it can be for feminists that shortly after Margaret Thatcher resigned from the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. Thatcher was elevated to a hereditary baronetcy. I do not believe it is incorrect to call the coming to power of Mrs. Thatcher and the years in power following a miracle, but it is in any case generally overrated, and we need to sober up. This goes for Ronald Reagan as well as for Margaret Thatcher. As Mr. Gerald Warner has said, “The Lady’s bark was worse than her bite.”

Here are some articles balancing the praise:

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