Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Democracy Quotes this Month

Wrote Mr. Mark Hackard over at Alternative Right:

Terror and tyranny are inevitable byproducts of democracy, the one legitimate form of rule permitted by Washington to the tribes of humanity.


Tyranny is not democracy’s tragic demise, but the logical consummation of its progress.
Wrote Mr. Charles Coulombe over at Taki's Magazine:
Until November we will endure the quadrennial ritual of seeing men of questionable ability and ethics accuse each other of having questionable ability and ethics.
Wrote Mr. Ben O'Neill over at Mises Daily:
[W]hen people talk about the importance of democracy, it is never democracy as it has ever actually functioned, with the politicians that have actually been elected, and the policies that have actually been implemented. It is always democracy as people imagine it will operate once they succeed in electing "the right people" — by which they mean, people who agree almost completely with their own views, and who are consistent and incorruptible in their implementation of the resulting policies.
Wrote Mr. Pat Buchanan over at The American Conservative:
Does McFaul believe democracy is a universally superior system of government? Yet our own founding fathers detested one-man, one-vote democracy. Democracy does not even get a mention in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers.

The author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, believed society should be ruled by a “natural aristocracy” of “virtue and talent.”

If the promotion of democracy is a mission of our diplomats, are we to subvert the monarchies of Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia?
Also, Mr. Keith Preston pondered modern rights thinking over at Alternative Right early this month.

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