Sunday, May 29, 2011

A High Tory on Democracy, Revolution, and Money

High Tory Gerald Warner writes this Sunday at Scotland on Sunday:

Liberal democracy is part of the "accepted political landscape"? Accepted by whom? By China, which occupies a not inconsiderable portion of the landscape? Increasingly it is viewed with scepticism in the developed world which spawned it. Yet Western "statesmen" are still trying to market this flawed commodity abroad.
Last week the leaders of the G8, representing countries that are de facto bankrupt, pledged £12bn to Egypt and Tunisia to develop democracy.
The same High Tory wrote last Sunday in the same pages:
Critics like to condemn Britain as class-ridden and deferential, mainly on the grounds that the public schools and Oxford and Cambridge dominate the education system, while a few happy mortals receive gongs or titles in the Honours List. That is what comes of living under a monarchy steeped in privilege – if only we lived in an egalitarian republic such as France…
The IMF should have been abolished years ago. It is a phantom survivor of the Bretton Woods agreement marinated in Keynesian delusion. Whenever a country has been living beyond its means the IMF thrusts a large loan upon it, then imposes conditions such as inflated tax rates that prevent genuine recovery.

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