Thursday, May 5, 2011

Claude Choules, RIP

The last known surviving combat veteran of the Great War, Claude Stanley Choules, passed away today.

Mr. Choules was the last known witness of the demise of the Hochseeflotte of the Kaiserliche Marine at Scapa Flow.

Since the passing of Harry Patch almost two years ago, John Babcock has passed, and so has Frank Buckles. Franz Künstler passed almost three years ago.

There are no known combatants of the Great War left.

May they all rest in peace!

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Amen! May Mr. Choules, and all the war veterans, of all sides, in Western civilization's most dreadful, unnecessary war.

May God show all of us a way to close the dreadful Pandora's Box opened, the moment the criminal Princip murdered the Archduke and his wife. God grant that the wounds of Europe, and of her child, America, be healed ere it is too late.