Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Quotes at the End of the Month

Writes “Metternich” at the weblog Untimely Observations at Alternative Right:

Philosopher-kings tend to disappear when democracy, "meritocracy," and bureaucracy--all designed to enable wiser government--gain power in a society. For contrary to what we now believe, the King must not become King because he is wise: rather, he must become wise because he is the King.
The Mad Monarchist writes:
There are no guarantees in politics as in life but the odds are greatly in favor of one trained from birth being able to do the job required of them than the odds would be that 51% of the public will choose the best candidate based solely on their ability to do the job rather than being able to talk a good game, have lots of money for advertising and telling the people what they want to hear rather than what will be to the benefit of the country.
Writes Mr. Bruce Charlton at his weblog Bruce Charlton's Miscellany:
Under divine monarchy (the Byzantine model) the monarch believes himself subject to God, and the people believe themselves subject to God - hence to the monarch (if he be a genuine monarch, properly devout).

All authority comes down from God and via the monarch. And that authority is divine.

Under modern democracy, authority comes from man - but not from a particular man, but from a mass of men - from the system used to determine the will of a mass of men.

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