Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Wonderful New World

Writes “Mencius Moldbug” at his weblog Unqualified Reservations:

The US is the land of revolutionary democracy. It exports revolutionary democracy to Mexico and parts south - replacing the stable Spanish government that had kept the peace for so long. After its own little internal conflict over the Rights of Man, it terminates the French attempt to restore European government in Mexico. Result: chaos, murder, destruction. No country except the US achieves a democracy that is stable by American standards.
Writes Mr. Theodore Harvey at his weblog Royal World:
[A]s a reactionary monarchist who actually believes in real czars, I am sick of the modern world’s abuse of this ancient and noble title and don’t appreciate the irreverent reference to Yekaterinburg, perhaps the single definitive horror of the 20th century, which set the stage for all the others. America certainly does not need “czars” like Van Jones, but Russia does need a czar…or, to be specific, a czarina, since the current rightful claimant to the Imperial Throne is a woman, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna.
Writes Mr. Daniel McAdams at the LRC Blog:
The Wilsonian anti-Habsburg hysteria, a suicidal strike on Western civilization itself, has produced nothing but totalitarianisms of the international socialist and national socialist variety as well as our own tyranny of majoritarianism and the cult of democratism. Millions dead and oceans of blood testify to the utter failure of the replacement to live up to its advertised promise of ending all wars and making the world safe.

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