Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Hoppe FestschriftProfessor Dr. Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe is 60 years old today. Happy birthday!

A collection of essays has been published in honor of the occasion. It contains a section on democracy with four essays.

We cite here from the works of Hoppe:

From the vantage point of elementary economic theory and in light of historical evidence, then, a revisionist view of modern history results. The Whig theory of history, according to which mankind marches continually forward toward ever higher levels of progress, is incorrect. From the viewpoint of those who prefer less exploitation over more and who value farsightedness and individual responsibility above shortsightedness and irresponsibility, the historic transition from monarchy to democracy represents not progress but civilizational decline.
[D]emocracy is worse than monarchy at keeping the size and reach of the state in check.

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