Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Likeable Wilson

Royal Coat of Arms of the United KingdomOver at the Daily Mail, historian A.N. Wilson rails against the latest “New Labour” plans for the monarchy – involving “sexual and religious discrimation.”

A.N. Wilson concludes:

[I]t need not happen, and let us hope to God that the Queen – who somewhat to her shame allowed the disgraceful wreckage of the Lords without even questioning what was happening – will at last put her foot down. Enough is enough.
This is a Wilson of a completely other sort than the one whose revolution this weblog's mission it is to unplug, although his reference to the French Bourbon regime as tyrannical is debatable at best.

The story of the rise of Anglicanism – and other branches of Protestantism, for that matter – is very much a story of the state placing itself over the Church. This story now continues by the state attempting to free itself completely from whatever there may be left of Christianity's restraint on the power of the state. The current drive for religious “freedom” for the monarchs of Europe is part of that story.

His Majesty King Harald V of Norway was reported earlier this year to have put His Majestic foot down on a proposal in the works to abolish the constitutional provision on the monarch's religious beliefs.

Let us hope Her Britannic Majesty can show similar Majestic courage as her second cousin across the North Sea.

Link (Daily Mail) via The Monarchist.

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