Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keep Male Priority

Over at the Guardian, Geoffrey Robertson repeats well known poor rhetoric about what belongs in the 21st century.

He seems to be in need of making more acquiantances with politicians, to paraphrase an ennobled former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Merit equals selection by Parliament? On what planet does he live?

Mr. Robertson applauds the plans for abolition of priority to males.

There are reasons for not sending women to the front. There are reasons why most CEOs are men. And please don't tell my it is because there has been a conspiracy against women!

We do not want the ambitious to seek the highest office. That is a very good reason for not opening the highest office for everyone, letting the ambitious demagogues rise to the top.

In this day and age, where royals need not look to other royals, or aristocrats at the least, for marriage it is perhaps even more important to stick to tradition. The ambitious are more often men than women. Shall we have ambitious men marry themselves to the top?

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