Thursday, July 31, 2008

July – Month of Distress

The French RevolutionJuly is a month of much unfortunate history.

July is the month of the American Declaration of Independence, although arguably in itself not anti-monarchical, it eventually departed the rebelling colonies from the monarchical order, gave popular government, which eventually ended up in today's mess.

July is the month of the start of the French Revolution.

July is the month of the Yekaterinburg tragedy.

July is the month of the July Crisis of 1914 and the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war, starting a war that was to escalate within 8 days to a world war that was to last 4 years and 3 months, cost millions of lives, change the world as it was known, and leave the soul of our civilization deeply wounded.

American Monarchist has had a post on Indian royalty and one on ambitions and politicians – to mention a couple.

On Bastille Day there was a post on The Count's Blog on fairy tales, real life, monarchy, and republics.

This July has been said:

Laurence Vance:

And regarding George III and George Bush II, don't we owe an apology to the former?
Maria of Russia said:
[A] member of the Imperial Family following the republican ideas is the same as the Church professing atheism.
John Michael Greer wrote:
If we can regain a certain degree of mythic literacy, and apply it to the myths that shape our public life, we might even be able to stop thinking of modern industrial society as either the best or the worst of human cultures, and recognize it as the ramshackle product of a long process of evolution, containing much that is worth saving alongside much that belongs in history’s compost bin. We might also find ourselves realizing in time that catastrophe is no guarantee of Utopia, and a better society will emerge out of the wreckage of this one only if a very sizable number of us are willing to muster the courage, forbearance, and capacity for hard work needed to make that happen.

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