Monday, July 28, 2008

Austria-Hungary vs. Serbia

Bad Ischl. July 28, 1914. Six years short of a century ago today. Emperor Franz Josef declares war on the Kingdom of Serbia.

The Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl
A grave error indeed!

Count von Berchtold was pushing for war. Sadly, to say the least, the Emperor complied.

Of course, the monarchs in charge in 1914 should have done more to prevent the War that ended Western Civilization.

It is interesting, however, that there were men who pushed for war and monarchs who did not stop them, and how the ‘logical’ consequence of this is that monarchs should not have power. That they did not meddle and let politicos go ahead with the war shows that they should not be allowed to meddle?

Elsewhere: Le Fleur de Lys too on the ultimatum 5 days earlier

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Anonymous said...

The assasin said he was paid by the masons to do it as a precursor to start a war and to ultimitlly take over the oil fields just like every war they started