Monday, March 31, 2008


Says a commenter at Taki's Magazine:

I would repeat my earlier statement in that the west’s infatuation with democracy and ideological majoritarianism has a lot to do with this and other problems. Once the state was elevated above all other institutions in society and once that state apparatus was separated from a natural order of things (class and aristocracy) via marxism and liberalistic democracy, society was set upon a path of destruction.
One of the facets of the modernity that grew out of the ashes in 1918 and since has developed – or “progressed,” if you will – is the concept that government can redefine anything. This is a a consequence of the Wilson Revolution – or a longer revolution, of which the Wilson Revolution is a significant part, if you will.

Just before Palm Sunday a bill passed the King in Council in Norway for rubber-stamping to be presented to the Storting to redefine “marriage.”

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