Thursday, February 22, 2018


Jules Lunteschütz (1822–1893): Arthur Schopenhauer23 decades years ago today, Arthur Schopenhauer was born.

Schopenhauer was well into the art of controversy. He also had something to say about meritocracy and forms of government:

A peculiar disadvantage attaching to republics — and one that might not be looked for — is that in this form of government it must be more difficult for men of ability to attain high position and exercise direct political influence than in the case of monarchies. For always and everywhere and under all circumstances there is a conspiracy, or instinctive alliance, against such men on the part of all the stupid, the weak, and the commonplace; they look upon such men as their natural enemies, and they are firmly held together by a common fear of them. There is always a numerous host of the stupid and the weak, and in a republican constitution it is easy for them to suppress and exclude the men of ability, so that they may not be outflanked by them. They are fifty to one; and here all have equal rights at the start.

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