Saturday, January 31, 2015

Randoms of January

Writes Nyan Sandwich over at More Right:

The Median Voter Theorem is an interesting result in the theory of democracy that ought to form a prominent piece in the bedrock of any discussion of electoral politics. The result, in short, is that in certain conditions, two political parties will each take all voters on each side of the median voter, and they will both serve the desires of the median voter. The theorem could use some strengthening; its assumptions are rather ambitious, but it is likely that a slightly weaker version is true in many more circumstances.
Over at, says David Stockman:
My humble thesis tonight is that the entire 20th Century was a giant mistake.
Over at The American Conservative, Justin Raimondo reflects on Russia.

Expresses Theodore Harvey over at his weblog Royal World:
Over the course of the next four decades the newly united Germany would become one of the most dynamic and exciting countries in the world, with more Nobel prizes than Britain, France, and the United States combined, a rapidly growing economy, and a glittering and vibrant culture.

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Principe said...

Two of the tragedies of Germany at that time were medical---- the highly liberal son of the first Kaiser died of throat cancer after a reign of only some ninety days. He and his English wife loathed Bismark and his militaristic ambitions. And we all know about the overcompensation of his son Kaiser Wilhelm II due to his withered arm.
The good Germany of culture , music and song would not revive for many decades and we hope for a triumphant resurgence in the future...