Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Randoms of December

Over at his weblog More Right, Mr. Michael Anissimov responds to an attack from David Brin of last year, and Mr. Anissimov says:

Just because a mob can storm a palace and murder a king in cold blood does not mean that democracy is the end-of-history best government ever.
Over at Mises Canada, Ms. Lilly Wang writes on the situation in Hong Kong and concludes:
The major focus should be on the Rule of Law. The question to ask is how to make sure the government is bounded by the law, and how the Judiciary and Legislative Council will be well maintained. Hong Kong inherits British Common Law, which is more complete than the civil law in mainland China. It will be easier to make changes. These institutions are the keys to a free society, and they need much more time and effort to be improved. Changes may be minor, and less noticeable than a request to vote for a Chief Executive, but these institutions will be far more reliable.
Over at Taki's Magazine, writes Mr. Michael Warren Davis:
But the idea that Americans adore the Duchess of Cambridge because she happens to have magnificent taste is as patently silly as the idea that monarchy was the real wedge that drove England and America apart. In fact, a brilliant new book by Eric Nelson, called The Royalist Revolution (out this October on Harvard University Press), shows how the patriots overwhelmingly saw themselves as rebels against Parliament, but for the king. It wasn’t until George III removed the revolutionaries from royal protection that they struck out on their own republican path.
Says PolarWashington:
Thus when power is diffused, as in a democracy, one finds that nobody is responsible for the current state of affairs.
Utters Mr. P. D. Mangan:
Modern skeptics are only skeptical of what they've been told to be skeptical of. On everything else they're gullible as children.
Expresses AntiDem:
"We're on the right side of history" say people who both hate and are blankly ignorant of history.
Mr. Schuyler Dugle responds:
and also who have no clue how history works.
Exclaims Duck Enlightenment:
being pro-democracy is basically like saying you think trending hashtags are an appropriate way to run a government
Over at his blog Commonsense & Wonder, articulates Mr. Bruce Fein:
Democratically elected leaders can be every bit as tyrannical and aggressive towards the United States as unelected dictators. Hamas, listed as an international terrorist organization, decisively triumphed in Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006. It has ruled in Gaza since 2007, routinely denies human rights, chronically attacks Israel, and execrates the United States.

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