Monday, October 6, 2014

Randoms of September

Over at, writes Dr. Michael S. Rozeff:

The White House lawyers create their own judicial and legal interpretations so as to give the presidents what they want as justifications for their wars, their torture, their assassinations, their anti-constitutional activities, and their executive orders.
Also at, Mr. Patrick J. Buchanan gives his thoughts on the RMS Lusitania.

Again at, Dr. Ralph Raico gives his take on the outbreak of World War I.

Further, “Bionic Mosquito” provides a list of historical myths.

The Daily Mail reports that Emperor Hirohito was opposed to war according to a new biography (via LRC).

Over at The American Conservative, Mr. Alan Pell Crawford writes of George Washington's fear of political organization.

Also at The American Conservative, Dr. Lee Walter Congdon reviews Daniel J. Mahoney's The Other Solzhenitsyn: Telling the Truth About a Misunderstood Writer and Thinker.

Further, Dr. Patrick J. Deneen says:
Tocqueville expresses discomfort of how best to call this kind of government, since at all times in the past, a tyranny implied a form of government imposed by force upon a people against their will. But this new specter, “democratic despotism,” arises through the invitation and desires of the democratic citizenry itself.
The Mad Monarchist most fortunately ends his strike and gives accounts of the British and Russian armies of World War I.

P.D. Mangan makes a case for stop subsidizing degeneracy.

The host blogger of Tea at Trianon has read Gareth Russell's The Emperor's: How Europe's Rulers Were Destroyed by the First World War and gives an insight.

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