Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Norwegian Military Tattoo

The Norwegian Military Tattoo is a biannual event in Oslo. It took place this past weekend.

Friday afternoon there was a parade from the fort to City Hall, with a following concert in front of the city hall.

This year's event was specifically in honor of the bicentenary of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway.

When one sees women in police officer uniform it is often in pairs, i.e., with a male colleague.

At this event, heading out from the fort, there were three women dressing up as policemen:

And that's not all. At City Hall Square, there were seven of them, women only:

If there is any of part of the police and military domain that is supposed to be theatrical or theater-like, it must be parades and tattoos.

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Peter of Carolina said...

What a wonderful thing modernity is: people get to dress up however they wish.