Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Nobel Exhibition

This past Monday I went to the Nobel Peace Center – in connection with it's year end free admission period (starts a couple of days after Nobel Day). One of the temporary exhibitions there was What the World Eats.

One timely and appropriate question to ask is what exactly this exhibition has to do with holding peace congresses and reducing standing armies.

One notable aspect with the exhibitions, though, was that it portrayed two ethnically Norwegian families. Those two were the only ones presented with two family names – not even hyphenated. One should not be surprise if the father and mother are not married. There was at least one other families where the mother carried another surname than the family name, probably her maiden name, but at least there was one family name.

A friend once said that a family is a man and a woman who are married and have children. One could question whether an entity that does not have a single family name is a family.

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