Sunday, May 12, 2013

April Thoughts

ABM - A View From The Praires has some thoughts on primogeniture. The same blogger apparently has a plan for reactionary government in Canada.

Tea at Trianon has a post on the cake myth.

Some pseudonym says:

I wonder how many of the "don't read internet comments!" people think democracy is a good idea.
Anomaly UK has some thoughts on a reactionary transition.

Over at Nepali Netbook, says Maila Baje:
What would the Nepali Congress do about the damage that has already been done to Nepal’s ability to exercise its sovereign options? Here, the onus would fall heavily on the Nepali Congress, too, because much of that damage was inflicted by its rash desertion of the monarchy in the first place.
Writes Mr. Scott Ferrie over at his weblog The Paleo Revolt:
The American Ideology is Neo-Romanism. We worship the pagan god called the modern day, hyper-centralized, welfare-warfare state ruling over a global empire. Imperial Warlords are worshiped as demigods and our insane love for ‘democracy’ has transformed civil society into a real life example of ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ where competing interests plunder the rest of society for personal benefit in a short-sighted piranha-fest. Restore the traditional monarchy, restore the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution, or decentralize the modern nation-state out of existence. Any of those options will help.
Royal World has a post on the Dutch change of the throne.

So does Radical Royalist, who also posted on a restored German monarchy gaining support.


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