Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sidebar Links Reviewed

As noted here, I had received notice of troublesome content at some of the sites linked to in my sidebar. As promised I would do, I have now reviewed the sidebar links – of which there were and still are over a hundred.

Around a dozen links have been removed due to being dead. Four links have been removed because the content has changed too much in a troublesome direction since the decision was made to include them. I here even found one clearly turned Nazi-sympathizing blog.

Although I do not take responsibility for the content at the other end of the links, there are of course limits too to what I can link to. The disclaimer, however, still stands, and sites that remain linked to I still do not take responsibility for the content of. I may even have major philosophical differences with them.

The notice I received contained a claim that half my links were either to neo-Nazi or racist blogs. This is a preposterous claim. I challenge anyone to prove it.

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