Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Britannic Jubilee

There was a conference at Kensington Palace just after the central weekend. The opening of the conference with the first talk by Prof. Sir David Cannadine (acoustic conditions could have been better):

The professor is apparently not very open to other definitions of constitutional monarchy than the narrow mainstream one. Had he stated the definition as the one relevant for his talk and stated and a discussion of the definition beyond the scope of his talk, I would have found that more appropriate. Other than that, it is a historically interesting talk.

Apparently, there are podcasts for more talks.

Over at the blog of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr. Sean Gabb had a couple of posts. He does have his points, and I have made my comments at his posts as well.

A lot can be said. On the issue of whether the monarchy is only ornamental, we can quote Walter Bagehot – as Prof. Cannadine:
The Crown does more than it seems.
Mr. Peter Hitchens predicts the end of the British monarchy.

Mr. Tom Harrison, chairman of the Royalist Party, stands up for what he calls proper constitutional monarchy.

Over at Alternative Right, Mr. Colin Lidell gives us his negative take.

Over at Taki's Magazine:Again, a lot can be said.

There is a lot through these sixty years of reign that do not deserve celebration. The transformation from a monarchy mostly fundamental to a monarchy mostly ornamental, a process started long before 1952, should definitely not to be celebrated.

We should celebrate heroes standing up against this transformation, such as His Serene Highness Sovereign Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. That we can mark 60 years of reign for a monarch who was born after the dawn of the republican age is reason to celebrate too.

Treetops marks the Diamond Jubilee:

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