Monday, February 20, 2012

Hail to the Chief?

Today is Presidents' Day in those United States.

The nation that is commonly perceived as the prime rejector of the monarchical order has a day to celebrate its presidents.

In the nation's rejection of the monarchical order lies a rejection of personal rule. Yet that same nation celebrates its presidents to no unconsiderable extent.

The very same nation also has a presidential office exceeding in power most – if not all – monarchs of old.


Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

Had I lived 230 years ago with the same political heart I have now, I surely would have ended up on the freezing shores of Nova Scotia or some similar Canadian place with my fellow Loyalists.

But as for "President's Day," as you can see from the Wikipedia article you linked to, it's actually Washington's Birthday, "President's Day" being foisted on us by greedy car dealers and Clintonistas (I disagree with the article, "PD" didn't become prevalent until the Age of Bill & Hillary).

As such, in our house, we always honor General Washington, a man whom Napoleon through Leo XIII agreed to be one of the greatest to ever lead a country, and, IMHO, the only one of the 45 worthy of public honor. A copy of the famous bust of him by Houdon sits near me as I write.

So, as your daily American fan, on this, February 22nd, Washington's actual birthday, may I offer these two links in celebration of the Father of My Country (as a non-American, you should get a kick from the latter). Enjoy!

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Thank you, sir!

Amazing video, yes!

I do have a habit of linking to Wikipedia articles, of course, without endorsing the content.

I am a non-American, yes, but a non-American with a clearly above average American-influenced upbringing for non-Americans. I was taught in school about Presidents of those United States before I was taught about Kings of Norway.