Saturday, December 31, 2011

WRU Unplugger of the Year

The WRU Unplugger of the Year need not be a monarchist, nor regret the fall of the Old European Order. The WRU Unplugger of the Year is simply the one who is considered to have done most in bringing about the unplugging of the Wilson Revolution.

This year's awardee has done an excellent job at – albeit briefly and at facade – bringing back the order that was before the Wilsonian World Order, through – but not limited to – presiding over the greatest ceremony in Vienna at least in twenty years – and in so doing evoking old titles of the Habsburg era, an evocation that provoked republican reaction, even – reportedly – giving lively debate in Austrian newspapers.

The 2011 WRU Unplugger of the Year is:

Dr. Christoph Maria Michael Hugo Damian Peter Adalbert Graf [Count] von Schönborn, Cardinal of Austria, Archbishop of Vienna

Dr. Christoph Graf von Schönborn


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