Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prime Minister Stranded

His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway in a car in Germany on his way home from New YorkAs IceNews – amongst others – have recently reported, the Prime Minister of Norway was stranded in New York the week before the last.

His Excellency runs around the world as a proponent of Big Climate Engineer. Now recently, he was “stranded” due to a real problem where obviously humans completely lack control over nature. The issue of whether the ash concentration over Europe was high enough to mandate banning air traffic aside, we have seen here a real problem, whereas Big Climate Engineer proponents care about non-problems – and in so doing cause lots of other problems.

Pictures have gone around the world of the Norwegian Prime Minister sitting with his iPad – and other devices – in an airport lounge and in a car from Basel to Norway.

There has been some quarelling about stranded people being cut short in their wages, whilst the Prime Minister is not being cut short. The Prime Minister's Office has responded that the Prime Minister works efficiently and effectively when traveling and waiting. This, of course, misses the main points.

Contrary to the Marxist-like thinking, the Prime Minister is not the one to give people a right to their wages. With big government, lots of people get their pay check from the government, which is another problem, but that aside, employees have their respective employers, and the Prime Minister is NOT a part of that equation.

Moreover, the nagging about politicos having more vacation etc. than “the ordinary guy” can be quite annoying at times. This nagging surfaces from time to time. When are people going to realize that we would better off if politicians took more time off rather than spend more time in meddling in all sorts of affairs?

Finally, His Excellency is NOT His Majesty. Hence, he is not the top man.

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