Thursday, February 25, 2010

J.B. Hjort

Ivo de Figueiredo: Fri mannA century and fifteen years ago today, J.B. Hjort was born. Four decades and a year ago yesterday, he passed away.

J.B. Hjort wrote Justismord (Miscarriage of Justice), where he analyzed – amongst others – the “trials” against Anne Boleyn, King Charles I of England, Queen Marie Antoinette of France, and Prime Minster Selmer of Norway.

J.B. Hjort also wrote Demokrati og statsmakt (Democracy and State Power), where he addressed – although being guilty of abuse of the word democracy – the need for checks due to the vices of democracy.

He often wrote in Farmand, and he was an active opponent of a government-“developed” language.

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