Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize

Gösta Florman: Alfred NobelA century and a baker's dozen years ago today, Alfred Nobel passed away. Ever since the 5th anniversary the Nobel Prizes have been awarded, the Memorial Prize not being one of them, but awarded on the same day of the year from a later date.

This year's Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is none other than the sitting American President. He was inaugurated on January 20 of this year. On February 1 the nomination deadline expired. Inauguration day being day 1, February 1 is day 13. Now, for members of the committee slightly different rules apply than for others qualified to nominate. Committee members may present their nominations at the first committee meeting after the deadline has expired.

He was elected on hope, and he was awarded the peace prize on hope. At least there is some consistency in this crazy world.

This blogger does not belong to those who believe the committee has stooped to an unprecedented low level. There are indeed worse warmongers than Obama. The escalation of the current war in Afghanistan is nothing in comparison.

89 years ago, the Persona Non Grata of this weblog was awarded the 1919 prize. In those days, the committee was apparently in no hurry, as the prize was awarded in 1920 – not 1919. The 1919 awarding is, in spite of this, arguably the worst awarding in the history of the prize.

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