Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lee Walter Congdon

I want to bring to your attention an American monarchist – retired Professor Lee Walter Congdon of none other than James Madison University.

He was interviewed in the Montpelier in 2002. Amongst other things, the interview says:

Politically, for instance, Congdon veers right of the American right, meaning, within a European context, he is a monarchist. He sees little difference between the competing ideologies of America’s political parties and he professes an abiding admiration and preference over the common-denominator chaos of American democracy for some of Europe’s royalist governments of the latter 19th century, wherein “liberty — not equality — was the highest political value. For European conservatives,” Congdon says, “order is first and liberty only within a context of order.”
He was born on an anniversary of the Weimar Constitution – and of the Austrian Empire.

Today is Professor Congdon's 70th birthday. Happy Birthday, Professor!

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littlehammer said...

Mr. Baltzersen,

Thank you for the link to the story of Professor Cogdon. As an American I understand his mixed feelings of loyalty and that comes from one that is proud of being a former U.S. Marine.

Additionally, thank you for your excellent site. I do not leave comments but I always read the blog.

Thank you.


Michael Yoder