Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Louis XVI

Louis XVI of FranceEighteen dozen years ago today, King Louis XVI of France was brutally murdered.

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hummingbird said...

A terrible event. Thank you for this post, and for your blog.

lara77 said...

France was forever cursed by this act of barbarism. When one thinks of the thousands of innocent French People and thousands of Europeans who were to be killed by the French Reign of Terror and the Bonaparte dictatorship; Michelet was right whe he called the murder of His Most Christian Majesty the death knell of France.The nation has never been the same. May the King rest in peace.

de Brantigny........................ said...

Lara stated that france wss forever cursed, I beg to disagree... The world was cursed from the moment of the vote to be assailed by the Masonic venom which has affected world thought since then.

Thanks for the honourable mention.