Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Travel Through Time

I spoke at an event just outside Stockholm around 3 months ago on the return of monarchy in the future. The speech started off in the 19th century and ended up some time in the future.

Here's a photo a friend was kind enough to take.

A travel through time

I spoke with a Habsburg tie, and the lecturn was covered with a Habsburg flag, which was one of several effects actively used in the speech.


Andrew said...

By "Habsburg tie" do you mean simply a black tie with gold stripes, as it appears, or is there more to it than that? If the latter, I may need to track one down myself and wear it alternately with my Anglo-Confederate Friendship Society tie.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Dear Mr. Rogers,

Whether it is more than a tie with Habsburg colors, I guess depends on definition.

It is a tie purchased through SGA, which is an Austrian monarchist movement.

I don't know if the tie has any official status.

The necktie does, however, come in a box decorated with the same colors on the lid and a double-headed eagle with regalia on the ceiling. The box also comes with cuff links, which I also wore when delivering the speech, but which are hard – if not impossible – to see in the photo.

My particular tie has an additional value, in that it arrived on the anniversary day of this nation facing the consequence of the politicos not having listened to their King. It arrived on April 9 this year. On April 9, 1940 Hitlerite forces invaded the Kingdom of Norway, where defense had been neglected, contrary to advice of His Majesty regarding the developing threat on the Continent.

Regarding the Anglo-Confederate Friendship Society tie, I assume it looks like a Confederate flag. If so and if you would please care to give some tips on how to get one, I would greatly appreciate it.


Andrew said...

Thank you, sir, for clarifying. Clearly, I need to look into the SGA more closely.

The Anglo-Confederate Friendship Society tie is based, so I understand, on cravats worn by members of Britain's Parliament who wished to show their support of the Confederate States during the war between the states. It is red with blue diagonal stripes, on which are white stars. So yes, clearly based on the flag.

The original is available, in both long tie and bow, through Ben Silver in Charleston, South Carolina ( ). They don't display them on their website, but if you contact them and ask specifically, they usually have some in stock. One recently came up for sale on eBay, although not identified as such.