Friday, April 4, 2008

Types of Government

The Monarchist has done a series on seven types of government. The pieces are thought-provoking and interesting. The types are numbered from supposed worst to supposed best, number 1 being the supposed worst:

  1. "Classic Imperialist"
  2. "Revolutionary"
  3. "Socialist"
  4. "Progressive"
  5. "Populist"
  6. "Libertarian"
  7. "Constitutionalist"


The Monarchist said...

Not really types of government as types of governing mindsets. The aim was to show that all mindsets are corruptible except for the Constitutionalist. Also keep in mind that while I showed that a corrupt Classic Imperialist was the most dangerous, its corollary would be the opposite. In other words a non-corrupt or enlightened absolute monarch would be the best resulting government (i.e., the most free), since his unckecked power could guarantee it.

J.K. Baltzersen said...


A type of governing mindset is in a sense a type of ("how") government.

I concede, however, that "governing mindset" is more precise, so thank you for the clarification.