Monday, November 19, 2007

"Por qué no te callas?"

In this day and age, where we are told monarchs are merely to smile and shut up, while this is not done in a very royal or diplomatic tone, I just have to post this. A king tells – or more precisely, rhetorically asks – an elected politician to shut up.

While a lot of people, most fortunately, cheer King Juan Carlos I of Spain on this occasion, we do in response hear questions like:

  1. Is this not the 21st century?
  2. What is a king doing in a political meeting?
  3. Have we not progressed from families running the world?

The answers are:
  1. Yes, it is, and the previous century was the 20th, with the war that ended the world of liberty as a war between peoples, not governments, and new ideologies taking over from dynastic rule of old, with all the following consequences. The point is?
  2. What is Hugo Chávez doing at this meeting? People need to wake up from the erroneous, deceiving conception that elected politicians have a right to a political agenda, whereas hereditary monarchs shall not interfere whatsoever. Please do tell us what other exhibit material you need, other than Hugo Chávez, to see the shortcomings of the modern political system!
  3. Evolved, yes, or more precisely, revolved. Progressed, no. See answer to question 1.

A monarch telling an elected politician to shut up. Way to go!

The BBC reports that ringtones, mugs, t-shirts, and web sites are selling well.

I really would love to get one of those mugs or t-shirts.

Viva España! Viva el Rey!

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